Possibility to check if Full-text search is installed in SQL-Server-Instance


So far, there is no way to check if full-text search is installed in the SQL Server instance. A way to do this would be:
1) Add a Property checkForFullTextSearch to the wix-template
2) modify the checkDatabaseLogin() Function in the scripts\checkDatabase.vbs file:
Add the following code after the block wich checks for supported authentication methods and directly before "Else Dim sUser, sGrants"
             'Check for full-text search if  checkForFullTextSearch is 1
      If Session.Property("checkForFullTextSearch")=1 Then
        Dim sFulltextSearch
        sFulltextSearch = 0
        sSQL =  "SELECT fulltextserviceproperty('IsFulltextInstalled') As fullTextSearch"

        Set oResultSet = oDB.Execute(sSQL)
        Do While Not oResultSet.EOF
          sFulltextSearch = oResultSet("fullTextSearch")
        If sFulltextSearch = 0 Then
            MsgBox "Full-text search is not installed for this SQL Server instance.", vbCritical, "Error" 
            checkDatabaseLogin = ERROR_INSTALL_FAILURE
            Exit Function 
        End If      
      End If